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2:00am - Jul 25 2018
Well that explains why Johnny can’t read. Look at the

After offering a few words on content, Gordon gives the beginnings of a prescription, a cure for the ills. He suggests that for Johnny to learn to preach he must, at the very least, have an annual review in which the church will tell him how effective they deem his preaching, he must learn read texts closely and he must learn the sensibility of composed communication. These may not make him into this generation’s Charles Spurgeon, but at the very least they will give him the tools he needs to preach t

Out of curiosity about this supposedly top grossing app, I download it. Here’s what happens when I open it for the first time:So, aside from the obvious moral wrongs of exploiting the vulnerable for profit, it’s extremely disheartening to know that some developers are becoming financially successful the easy and unethical way — by making bogus apps that take a few hours code, and whose functionality is purely to steal from the less well-informed.

As technology starts to dominate our culture our schools—including our teaching strategies—we forget the overall importance of humanities in our society and classrooms. Just because our students are fantastic at using Google, Twitter, and iPads, that does not mean they are able to interact with each other face to face or use their heads and their hands to create and build.


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