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To gain experience, think outside of the box. Don’t limit yourself

Great post Dean. I especially like number 1, I am often guilty of this. Being able to separate creation from can be tough sometimes. I do this mostly when writing, I edit and scrap so much that I shouldn’t. I have learned to start mind mapping more and just throw things up in all of the sections, then go and read and edit later. ohh so sweet of you I’ll definitely go to your blog and put on my questions…so nice of you…thank you so much…

What did we just do, and why did it work? In our quest for breakthrough ideas, we didn’t ask you to think outside the box. Nor did we ask you to think more intently inside your usual box. We gave you a new box and asked you to think inside that.

Within your school term, your students will be working between group projects, completing solo assessments, listening to presentations as well as many other activities. In order to keep the creativity flowing between these learning set ups, the key is to keep your classroom layout adaptable and allow it to be easily reorganized. advanced students to participate in more creative extension projects helps them to:

is dealing with the same generic problem as we are but for an entirely different reason? How have they addressed it? be major users, if only we could remove specific barrier we’ve never previously considered?

I think my time as a coporate employee eliminated my but its coming back slowly. I believe everyone has a creative side. Its not an excuse to say I am not creative.

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