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In the elderly, many of the aforementioned symptoms may not

Studies comparing patterns of pneumococcal carriage before and after PPSV23 vaccination have not shown clinically significant decreases in carrier rates among vaccinees. In addition, no population-level change in the distribution of vaccine-type and non–vaccine-type organisms causing invasive disease has been observed despite modest increases in PPSV23 coverage among adults.The period of communicability for pneumococcal disease is unknown, but presumably transmission can occur as long as the organism appe

It often co-exists along other types of cognitive-impairing dementias that affect elders’ short-term and long-term memory loss. “Problems with short-term memory typically show up first,” noted. “[B]ut over time, the memory lapses become more severe, and the dementia begins to take a debilitating toll on thinking, judgment, communication, and emotional stability.”

Exercise should be tailored to fit each individual senior with diabetes and must take into account any health conditions that might affect the ability to exercise. Working with an exercise physiotherapist, or a physical therapist, may be needed. At any rate, a senior with diabetes should discuss what would be an appropriate exercise program for their diabetes that takes into account all limitations, and keeps them safe while exercising.The diabetes care team for an elderly patient with diabetes should consi

Untreated dry eye can damage the cornea (keratitis) and cause permanent scarring. Scarred corneas are more vulnerable to infection and ulceration, which in turn increases the risk of vision loss.It’s important to learn different early dry eye symptoms, what can be done relief, and when to visit the doctor to avoid complications.

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