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The Hedges offers 10 Garden Villas. These are

In 1504, commissioned the architect to recreate a classical Roman pleasure garden in the space between the old papal palace in Rome and the nearby Villa Belvedere. His model was the ancient sanctuary of Fortuna Primigenia at or ancient Praeneste, and he used the classical ideals of proportion, symmetry and perspective in his design. He created a central axis to link the two buildings, and a series of terraces connected by double ramps, modelled after those at Palestrina. The terraces were into squares a

The Italian Renaissance garden, like and , emerged from the rediscovery by Renaissance scholars of classical Roman models. They were inspired by the descriptions of ancient given by in his by the letters of , by &aposs and in by , all of which gave detailed and lyrical description of the gardens of .

When Ottavia Orsini married Marc&aposAntonio Marescotti, the Count of Vignanello, at the start of the 17th century, she, like many a bride, determined to plant a garden at her new home 40 miles north of Rome near Viterbo. Home, which started as a ninth-century Benedictine monastery that was first turned into a fortress and later into a more livable castle, dominated a steep, rocky outcrop. Before she could even think of planting, however, Ottavia had the matter of soil to attend to: her future garden had none.

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