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He was unable to land the U-2 on his first attempt, and it bounced back into the air, but he managed to successfully bring it down on a second try. Damage to the prototype U-2 was very minor. This test would later be considered the first flight of the U-2. and find some top secret things you won&apost see anywhere else.

“Bon Secours is a faith based organization, and as such we hold our employees to the highest ethical standards. We therefore offer our sincerest apology to the students, faculty, and parents of Midlothian High School for the incident today involving a Bon Secours employee. The incident was accidental, but unacceptable. We have placed the employee on administrative leave while we conduct a thorough investigation, and will take appropriate disciplinary action in accordance with the findings of the investiga

Have you ever wanted to see Area 51 with your own eyes? Watch on our official YouTube page. This video was made in the 1960s for family members of the people working at Groom Lake on the U-2 to explain the workers&apos long absences from home

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