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So what does the EU do after Brexit? If Brussels spreads U.K.’s outsize quota among the remaining 27 countries, it will infuriate Europe’s own sheep farmers, whose produce would have to compete on the market with the extra supply.

It’s often said that solving tough design problems isn’t about bashing your way to a difficult solution as much as it’s about bashing your way to the right . Atlas is indeed a Rube Goldberg machine–not much good for anything but winning the Sikorsky Prize. But as a proof of concept for an innovation strategy, Atlas’s example can apply to problems far more serious than hovering a furiously pedaling human being in midair.An award-winning team of journalists, designers, and v

Despite the imminent agreement on TRQs, there remain before October. When asked by journalists at a briefing ahead of next week’s talks whether there was enough time to reach a deal on separation issues, : “We have not yet encountered a when lack of time will prevent us from advancing [discussions]. So far, it has been a lack of substance.”Fallout continues over controversial Nunes document.

Robertson is giving the most charismatic “thank you” speech of the night, including shout outs to the WWE and LSU. His father paid tribute to the donor who gave his son the liver that he received and encourages the audience to sign up and become donor… and Jarrius promptly grabs the award and shouts “Become an organ donor!” with an infectious amount of glee.

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