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The WFP Office establishes and fosters partnerships with a number of

• – Headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland, UNHCR protects refugees worldwide and facilitates their return home or resettlement. UNHCR is working on the ground in over 116 countries, helping 20.8 million persons in areas including Lebanon, Darfur, southern Sudan, Afghanistan, and Iraq.

• – WHO is responsible for global vaccination campaigns, responding to public health emergencies, defending against pandemic influenza, and leading the way for eradication campaigns against life-threatening diseases like polio and malaria. Last year WHO eliminated avian flu in Vietnam, removed two countries from the list of polio-endemic nations, and provided humanitarian assistance in Lebanon and Darfur.UN Agencies, and Programs

Immunisation advocacy requires building relationships and partnerships. Your stakeholder mapping and gap will help you tremendously to identify individuals, organisations, and/or groups who share your vision and goals and that could help you meet your objectives and strengthen your immunisation-related advocacy initiatives. Keep in mind that every intervention large or small can influence change.


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The WFP Office establishes and fosters partnerships with a number of
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