in process …


Something bad happened. You should try to fix …


The action is completed.

The aim of OPTIMISTIC — an acronym for

Why were these four concepts chosen? In the words :

I wrote to Dr. Luthans to ask about this, and he confirmed the connection between good recognition and PsyCap: “Recognizing others [has] a strong positive impact and is part of the positive psychology notion of . The giving is recognition to others, and the receiving is building PsyCap.” He advocates one-on-one, genuine recognition with a specific message such as “I know you stayed over quitting time to finish the project I gave you at the last minute, it is appreciated”, for maximum impact.

Therefore, activity can be delayed almost 4 work days without delaying the project. Likewise, activity activity can be delayed 4.68 work days without delaying the project (alternatively, and be delayed 2.34 work days each).

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