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"When we're talking about putting people on Mars, we're

It&ampaposs fair to say that there was a large audience ready to debunk and savage whatever he published—which turned out to be a surprisingly detailed, 58-page document packed with calculations, reasonings, schematics, and costings—but though there were inevitably doubters, it soon became clear that there were plenty of people who could not see any reason why it wouldn&ampapost work, and a few who were ready to start building it and testing it out. There are now competing companies investing mill

It&aposs a proposal that should make you furious. If you want to go to the Moon, you design a system to put humans on the Moon. If you want to go to a different world, you design a system to put human beings on that world. If you want to go to space, you figure out what you need to go to deep space — and you go. Instead, the plan will spend a great deal of money without yielding appreciable results. If you want to accomplish something great, you don&apost look at the technology you&aposve already developed

So the question is: will we ready?

In my opinion, whites should not mix with other races in space colonies at all. Mixing with, say, Japanese people would a distant second-best arrangement, but that, in turn, would be much, much better than mixing with blacks.

I went to the Cape about a year ago, I guess, but it was more of a nostalgia thing, not so much focusing on the facilities as looking at the old Pad 39A, that kind of stuff. I’m an interested amateur. I guess you could put me in that category.

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