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You are a U.S. citizen if:Demonstrate ability to read, write, speak and understand basic English

Many studies also don’t account for what the United States classifies as S-corporations, meaning businesses that pay tax through the individual income-tax system rather than the corporate income-tax system, Viard said. This represents about 30 percent of American he said.

DeVos can convene meetings, make speeches, and endorse ideas that make their way into the mainstream. All of that matters, even if it isn’t circumscribed in the of the land.

Currently, without any central repository, nuclear waste generated in the U.S. is stored at or near one of the 121 facilities across the country where it is generated. Nevadans like Democratic Senator Harry Reid, who has doggedly opposed the Yucca Mountain repository, say it makes more sense to leave such waste where it is than to risk transporting it across the public highways and rail system, during which accidents or even terrorist attacks could expose untold numbers of Americans to radioactivity.

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