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“I’m speechless,” said Swendsen, holding back tears. “It feels better for sure.”But seeing so many people turn out for Vo’s vigil provided some measure of healing for her family.

“When she walked into a room, you knew the most special person had walked into the room,” Warren said. “She was just a wonderful young girl whose life was taken way too early, and it’s just very sad.”

One of the recurring themes of this conference was that Americans are becoming less committed to liberal democratic norms. But were they ever committed to those norms? I’m not so sure. If Achen and Bartels are to be believed, most voters don’t hold fixed principles. They have vague feelings about undefined issues, and they surrender their votes on mostly tribal grounds.Hypocrisy aside, the reaction of nearly half the country to Russia’s meddling says a lot about our attachment to core democratic value

called up his own turn-of-the-century experience to recreate the rival salons of the fictional duchesse de Guermantes and Madame Verdurin. He experienced himself first social life in such as &aposs one, which mixed artists and political men around or &apos one, where the cream of the aristocracy mingled with artists and writers or more aristocratic like &aposs, &aposs, Comtesse Jean de Castellane&aposs, Comtesse Aimery de La Rochefoucauld&aposs, etc. Some late 19th- and early 20th-century Paris salons were major centres for

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