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As a people, Jews traditionally have been extraordinarily generous, civic-minded

From their origins, railways produced an intense competition between the two major continental systems in France and Germany. Fitting a new technology into existing political institutions and social habits, these two nations became inexorably involved in industrial and commercial rivalry that eventually escalated into the armed conflict of 1914. Based on many years of research in French and German archives, this study examines the adaptation of railroads and steam engines from Britain to the continent of Eu

Whether or not Falwell actually raised all of that money, the crisis was not over was just beginning. He had called a moratorium on further construction of the L.B.C. campus in October—at the time of the crisis call—and it remained in effect until July of 1980. Yet in 1980—and this was yet another indication of his priorities—his expenditure for air time actually increased. “The Old-Time Gospel Hour” picked up some fifty television stations last year, and in addition Falwell produced three tele

Moses was heavily criticized in &aposs 1974 award-winning biography, . The book highlighted his practice of starting large projects well beyond funding approved by the New York State legislature, with the knowledge they would eventually have to pay for the rest to avoid looking like they had failed to review the project properly (this is a tactic known as ). He was also characterized as using his political power to benefit cronies, including a case where he secretly shifted the planned route of the large dista

firmly locates its case studies within the wider dynamic of European cinema. In its study of West German cinema&amp#39s links and co-operations with other countries including Britain, France, and Italy, the book addresses what is perhaps the most striking phenomenon of 1960s popular film genres: the dispersal and disappearance of markers of national identity in increasingly international narratives and modes of production.

On Monday afternoons, Gary Hunt, a ministerial student in his mid-twenties working with the Thomas Road Youth Ministry, collects a dozen or more children from various parts of Lynchburg in a school bus and takes them back to his house for the afternoon. With one exception, the children do not come from Thomas Road families or attend Lynchburg Christian Academy. Hunt, who is tall, blond, and athletic, found them by hanging around a junior high school and playing basketball with the kids coming out of class.

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