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Because those people who argue that Article

Yes, what I find most offensive in this article (besides the bad dietary advice) is this statement … “keep your dietary choice to yourself.” I am still overweight but confident that fat will come off as I continue my current wheat free lifestyle.

Now suppose the Blue Cross offers them all the same policy for, say, $10,000 per year, based on data showing that the annual medical costs of cancer victims is about $8,000 on average. Who is going to take the insurer up on the offer? A patient who expects his expenses to cap out at just a few thousand won’t sign up—for him, the coverage isn’t worth it. But the patients who have already decided that they’ll take advantage of aggressive and expensive treatments will enroll. The cost p

But that’s asking for an awful lot of foresight for the average 20-year-old, who doesn’t really have much reason to think about his likely health status a few decades in the future. And indeed, the least forward-looking are also probably those that can’t or don’t buy insurance.

Well, I think that covers just about every type of commenter out there. One solution is to disable your comments 🙂I suggested you study Jon some more to get a clearer picture of the man, not submit to speech migitation sessions.

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