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The way in which the church prepares for Christmas compared to the way the rest of the world prepares Christmas is confusing to many folks—including many in the church. Two examples: the “mood” of Advent is “penitential” and more somber (which surprises folks), and we don&apost sing Christmas carols, which baffles people.As a registered user, you&aposll also enjoy the ability to save content, access subscriber-only content and share.

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&aposI really hope this has made sense. It&aposs a really difficult process to explain. There&aposs not just, like, me and then, like, three people that do these. There are teams and teams of people. Teams that are my teams. There&aposs a lot of people.The brand shared their rival product on Twitter where it received 14,000 likes and over 5,000 retweets.

These reactions to Advent aren&apost surprising, since we do bring our “secular” experience into church with us. If everyone else is singing Christmas carols, why can&apost we do it in church? After all, we&aposre the ones who gave the world the Christmas holiday. However, the result of such is that we frequently come to view Advent as “so many spiritual shopping days before Christmas,” rather than seeing Advent as a time to with the God of time and eternity.

This proved to be the opening of a floodgate of requests. Miller continues his account this way:  

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