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One of the most common mistakes salespeople make in those situations—without even realizing it—is to apologize for having a high price. They do this when they say “I understand it’s pricey, but…” or when they hastily signal a willingness to adjust the price. My advice: Always justify offer, but never apologize for it. When you apologize, you signal that even you don’t think the price is appropriate, and you give the other side license to haggle. The entire frame of the negotiation becomes abou

I think there might be a slight error in the ‘Orbitals’ section of this article. In the graphic, the acidity increases from sp3 to sp (rightward, ascending order) while the signs ( &amplt ) show otherwise. I might be missing something, so please correct me if I am!Can you please tell the answer for order of acidity of hydrogen in orbital section…

Not all freshness signals are restricted to the page itself. Many external signals can also indicate freshness as well, oftentimes with powerful results.

Clouds are made of tiny water droplets or ice crystals that have condensed onto tiny pieces of sea salt, dust, smoke, or other particles in the air. Clouds have two major effects on weather and climate. Clouds reflect sunlight, which can keep surface temperatures cool. However, they also trap heat close to the Earth&aposs surface, which keeps temperatures warmer. Which one of these processes wins out depends on how thick the clouds are, and a number of other factors, including cloud type and thickness, the magn

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