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12:38pm - Sep 17 2022
National Anthem of Netherlands - &quotWilhelmus van Nassouwe&quot, arranged for Guitar by ANDREY SHILOV.
&quotWilhelmus van Nassouwe&quot, usually known just as &quotHet Wilhelmus&quot, is the national anthem of both the Netherlands and the Kingdom of the Netherlands. It dates back to at least 1572, making it the oldest national anthem in use today, provided that the latter is defined as consisting of both a melody and lyrics. However, it was officially recognized only in 1932, although it was performed at some official meetings even before that. The hymn was written for the first time in 1568 during the rebellion against Spain. The author of the words is unknown, though it is suggested that Philipp Van Marnix may be the author (Philipp himself never said this). As in like most other national anthems, the Dutch one is about the struggle for independence. In the song the struggle of William I of Orange against the Spanish king is celebrated. The hymn is written in the first person and consists of 15 verses. The structure is an acrostic poem. By the first letters of each verse (not stanzas, as in a classical acrostic poem) composed by William of Nassau (in the orthography of the 16th century). The first verse usually performed at official meetings.
Lyrics: Disputed, between 1568 and 1572
Music: adapted by Adrianus Valerius, composer of original unknown, 1568
Adopted: 17th century 10 May 1932 90 years ago (official) 1954 (Netherlands Antilles)
Adrianus Valerius, also known as Adriaen Valerius, (c.1575–1625) was a Dutch poet and composer, known mostly for his poems dealing with peasant and burgher life and those dealing with the Dutch War of Independence, assembled in his great work Nederlandtsche gedenck-clanck.
Valerius was born about 1575 in Middelburg to an ethnic French notary, Francois Valery. His father had a somewhat prosperous career as a notary and customs official and in 1592 obtained a position as Court Scribe to Pieter van Reigersbergh, the burgemeester (mayor) of the city of Veere in the province of Zeeland. Six years later, Adriaen Valerius was named the Toll and Customs Controller for Veere, starting a prosperous career as both a burgher and a patrician of his city. Having married the burgemeester&aposs daughter in 1605, he advanced to Tax Collections and later was appointed to the City Council.

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