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But West and colleagues weren’t simply interested in reconfirming the known biases of the human mind. Rather, they wanted to understand how these biases correlated human intelligence. As a result, they interspersed their tests of bias with various cognitive measurements, including the S.A.T. and the , which measures “the tendency for an individual to engage in and enjoy thinking.”Sign up for our daily newsletter and get the best of in your in-box.

Dog owners tried to help, Morris said, but that would disqualify the whole attempt: To satisfy Guinness rules, only Morris could touch the leash.There were 45 dogs of various sizes, because Morris said he also learned from the videos that some pooches might drop out, and therefore he needed “a buffer.” Most belonged to his clients, and Morris said he believed just getting them all to the track on time would be his biggest challenge.

Jurisdictions are free to decide how they will determine which programs are ’certified by&amp the jurisdiction. For instance, a jurisdiction that established a board to certify treatment programs and determine which offenders successfully completed their certified programs would be in compliance with SORNA. Another possible option that would comply with SORNA would be to publish a list of approved programs and require a certificate of successful completion by the treatment provider. Other options also a

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