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User groups are the best way to

Get involved in a user group near you. Software AG customers have organized local working groups around the world. Members of these local groups are also welcome to participate in the International User Groups and our upcoming conference.At this International User Groups Conferences Software AG will award three iPhones X for customers that have achieved significant successes related to our agenda:

I am not opposed to prospects coming to a user group as long as they are well into the buying cycle. On the other hand, customers are critical to the success of marketing-driven events. Healthy ratios would be 90-10% (customers/prospects) for user groups and 50/50% (customers/prospects) for prospect events.Both are important, as events can help a customer utilize what they learn for the rest of the year, and fall events can help prospects make purchasing decisions.

Prevent projects in a group from . This allows for tighter control over project access.Please make sure to understand that:

A malicious user attempting to break into a system would typically start by attempting to try to obtain the for the all-powerful Administrator account. For this reason, rename it and change the text in the to eliminate anything that indicates that this is the Administrator account. In addition, create a decoy user account called Administrator that has no special permissions or user rights. Establishing the following best practices for use of administrative accounts and groups can help reduce the likelihood

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