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Ann Romney might agree and yet she and others at the R.N.C. regularly used “successful” as a polite word for “rich.” (When Ann talked referred to Mitt’s time at Bain Capital, without naming the firm, the phrase was “successful beyond their dreams.”) But the euphemism has so taken over that she seemed, at times, to have forgotten that money was involved. It is striking that Michelle, in talking about her studies, mentioned the financial aid she got and the loans she took and the checks her fat

The scientific research on this topic is thin, but the collective wisdom among psychologists says it’s a lot like skydiving. Meaning, you’ll remember the first time you jumped out of an airplane much more than the 10th time you took the leap.

Influencers are being actively pursued for — videos or posts in which the brand pays the influencer to, presumably, endorse its product. (Under Federal Trade Commission rules, video bloggers must disclose if a post has been paid for, often using #ad or #spon and #companyname to do so.)We’re interested in your feedback on this page.

Others discover that things that seemed manageable before marriage are the source of building resentments. Alison, for found that her husband would go out with his friends at the weekend while she stayed at home, preparing lessons and doing the housework.

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