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The only UN specialized agency to go out of existence is the , which existed from 1946 to 1952. In 1952, it was replaced by the Office of the (headquartered in , ), which is a subsidiary organ of the . It also solves disputes between two countries.

Paris, 27th November 2015 – Some the world’s largest agro-industrial corporations will be flying the flag for ‘climate-smart agriculture’ at the upcoming Climate Summit. They will claim that hi-tech crops and intensive industrial agriculture are needed to rescue farmers (and the hungry) from a warming world – a claim widely dismissed by peasant movements and civil society groups.

The WFP Office establishes and fosters partnerships with a number of . It provides technical and normative support to other WFP offices during the negotiation, formulation and management of EU contracts from , and . Additionally, it engages as a leader and partner in strategic dialogue with key EU institutions, covering the whole spectrum of WFP’s core mandate. The WFP Brussels Office also organizes and manages donor visibility activities targeted at the European public, such as events and campaigns, soc

Coming in at over 200 pages, today’s National Academy of Sciences (NAS) is weighty but disappointing. It fails to properly address three of the most pressing issues raised by the controversial new technology of CRISPR-CAS9 gene drives. Dubbed, the ‘mutagenic chain reaction’ by its inventors, RNA-guided gene drives are a high-leverage synthetic biology technology invented only last year.


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