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Many panelists echoed this viewpoint. They were particularly

“It’s a multifactorial solution,” Wu said. “If you look at the failure of the system for Gamergate — they failed me, Anita Sarkeesian, and they failed Zoe Quinn. The FBI failed us, law enforcement failed us, the tech companies failed us, our industry failed us in who they hire and the [lack of] seriousness they take [online harassment]…Everything needs to change.”

I try to establish some general high level bullets, 3-5 is good, so it helps the panelists to prepare and research. Don’t get into overly detailed questions, you never want them to be overly rehereased. I always have some secondary questions if no one questions, and it’s best to throw some curve balls to panelists after they warm up.

Opening day of the 2016 Commercial Vehicle Engineering Congress featured a well-attended symposium on Meeting the Challenges of Phase 2 GHG: Implications and Effects. A keynote presentation by Christopher Grundler, Director of the Office of Transportation and Air Quality for the , kicked off the event, during which he stressed the importance of implementing emissions like the recently issued final Phase 2 greenhouse gas standards affecting model year 2021-2027 medium- and heavy-duty on-highway vehicles.Dav

Most prominent journalists frequently update their followers with news and links from their own perspective as well as insight into their work. Look for names connected with reputable organizations or other well-regarded personalities. — was one of the early pioneers of online news, and the staunchly progressive site has a reputation as a launching pad for respected lefty voices like Glenn Greenwald and Joan Walsh.

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