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(i) all numismatic operation and program costs allocable to the program

Collectors of tangible personal property are driven by a variety of forces: passion, status, curiosity, financial gain, tax relief. They generally into two groups: those who feel an emotional involvement with their collections, and others who view their collections as disposable assets. Some will have both characteristics.

PBGC is requesting information from the general public and all interested stakeholders, including multiemployer participants and beneficiaries, organizations serving or representing retirees and other such individuals, multiemployer plan sponsors and professional advisors, contributing employers, unions, and other interested parties about these arrangements. PBGC is particularly interested in learning about the terms and conditions that apply to new and existing contributing employers that enter into such a

Under ERISA, an employer that withdraws from a multiemployer pension plan in a complete or partial withdrawal may be liable to the plan for withdrawal liability. The purpose of withdrawal liability is to ameliorate the effects of an employer leaving a plan without paying its proportionate share of the plan&aposs unfunded benefit obligations, which could undermine the plan&aposs funding and increase the burden and risk to remaining employers, plan participants, and the multiemployer insurance program. It is importan

Additional rules apply to ensure the taxpayer cannot claim a double deduction. Specifically, according to , there must be an adjustment to inventory effecting the removal of the donated asset and the costs pertaining thereto from the opening inventory in the year of the gift.Does the property comply with the related use rule?

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