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But after a time there were farms and houses visible

The U. S. government had two purposes when making land agreements with Native Americans: to open it up more land for white settlement, and to ease tensions between whites and Native Americans by forcing Natives to use the land in the same way as did the whites - for subsistence farms. The government used a variety of strategies to achieve these goals many treaties required Native Americans to become farmers in order to keep their land. Government officials often did not translate the documents which Native

It&aposs home, but it&aposs not like it used to be. There are fewer people on the streets. Many say they no longer know their neighbors. Some streets are so filled with potholes, cars can&apost drive down them. There are a few convenience stores and fast food stands, but no supermarkets or grocery stores.

LSE also relied on undulations in the natural landscape to determine which wind were in the line of sight, and ignored the height of the built environment. We factored both these things into our methodology to see if they made any difference in Scotland, but our results essentially remained the same. Republish our articles for free, online or in print, under Creative Commons licence.

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