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Should you fix your car? Should you keep hail-damaged car

Breaking political news &amp the latest headlines from the state capitol &amp D.C.Just after the president signed off on new tariffs on solar energy parts from overseas, the solar industry is holding its breath.

So - no. I didn&apost take the money and run. I didn&apost get any money, and my truck bears the sad scars of my run-in with a dishonest driver.

Finally, don&apost hide the fact that your vehicle has a salvage title. If you do, it&aposs considered fraud. The buyer will find out eventually when you hand over the title, or if he obtains a . Honesty is the best policy when it comes to cars with a colorful past.If possible, try to obtain the car&amp#x27s original repair estimate to get a better idea of what damage vehicle incurred.

Another plus (although this one is at least ethically if not legally grey). If you ever do happen to get into an accident...and it&aposs not your end up getting a lot of incidental damage that wasn&apost related to the accident repaired:)I would go so far as to say that repairing your car for minor cosmetic damage is something only for rich people to do, people that can afford to throw money away.

“People come out, they have specialized tools, and push the dents out from the inside,’’ Paul said. “As long as the paint isn’t cracked, that’s a workable hail did to &apos car parked in Mission Hill...

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