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Is a program funded by the U.S. government.

Other concrete examples of airlines seeking to maximize their market share at airports can be seen at airports where a limited number of takeoff and landing spots are controlled by the FAA. The most recent instance was the Justice Department filing suit to stop United Airlines from acquiring 24 additional slots at Newark Airport even though it already owned 902 (73 percent) of the slots and was not using 82 of them. While this is a separate issue from airport funding, it demonstrates that airlines have an i

The distribution of AIP grants is intricate and relatively opaque to the average ticket-taxpayer who is supposed to benefit from the funded projects. Grants are delivered primarily through three different mechanisms:In addition, broader federal regulations concerning federal spending are associated with increased costs for the construction of new projects.

Small Business Lending Fund (SBLF) - This Department initiative provides capital to qualified community banks and community development loan funds (CDLFs) to help promote economic growth and create new jobs. Search for a . - Get information on government-guaranteed loans for rural businesses, including local program contacts.

- Research many types of federal loans for your business and learn how to apply.  These federal and state programs can also help finance your

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