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No matter who you are, Places should you to

Are you a safe place for your child? I mean, a truly safe place?

Even restaurants without sit-down service can present a threat. Conroy says using cards to order delivery can be risky because cashiers tend to keep customer payment information on file. That may make future orders more convenient, but small businesses rarely take the steps necessary to safeguard payment information, she says.“Would you care for a side of debit card fraud with that?”

Build your own one-, two- or three-topping pizza at Pete’s, which bills itself as the King.” Pies come in small, medium and large. And, of course, customers can always add more toppings. Sauces are marinara, garlic, barbecue, ranch and pesto. Cheeses are mozzarella, cheddar, feta, provolone and ricotta. Toppings include meatballs, salami, bacon, anchovies, broccoli, artichoke hearts, pepperoncini, sun-dried tomatoes, roasted red pepper and sliced egg. Even if you don’t get it delivered or take it to g

Thieves often use small cameras to capture footage of debit card users entering their PINs. Conroy says that even if a thief doesn’t manage to get your debit card , from such a device, he still may be able to duplicate the card’s magnetic stripe and use it for “sign and swipe” Visa or MasterCard transactions.You’re better off using an ATM inside a retail outlet or other high-traffic, place.

The city has two restaurants on &ampgt. Check out and , which are both known for their delicious twists on local comfort food. Jax, as the locals call it, was named as one of the best value places to visit for 2018 by &ampgt From tasting beer at local breweries to going on a kayak tour, there are plenty of fun yet affordable activities all over the city.

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