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Creating a high performance work environment is a

Setting almost unthinkably high performance targets requires both courage and outsized aspiration. Disciplined execution requires commitment, conscientiousness and a willingness to take personal responsibility, as well as tools and processes to make sure results are not left to chance. And the acceptance — without resignation or scapegoating — of inevitable shortfalls that occur when targets are set out of reach requires trust.

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We can use a series of Influence Methods, which are the many and varied ways in which an employer can ensure that the habit creation formula holds true, when designing all four Contexts. Applying these Influence Methods is the art and science of designing workplace Contexts and, when focused on the habits, the well-spring of higher performance.

Netflix is known for its high-performance culture based on “,” but it’s also been called a culture of fear. And while it’s possible to build a highly collaborative high-performance culture, according to , nearly a third of employees have considered leaving a job because of a negative environment. In the same survey, more than 35 of the participants indicated motivating others as their biggest frustration.

Depending on the needs of the team in each neighborhood, your high performance workplace might need to provide open plan seating for team work, comfortable lounges for brainstorming, a café for encouraging impromptu collaboration, as well as more private and quiet areas for focus work. But getting the balance right is important, especially when the ABW area is also agile, where there is no longer a seat assigned to each person.Workplace design firm Gensler’s 2016 Workplace Survey of over 4000 workers fou

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