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Bring to your visa interview your Criminal History Report.

Oh he’s the US citizen, so he’s the petitioner with a record. Sorry, forgot to clarify.My fiancé tried to come visit with a tourist visa she was denied and her visa was convinscated she was her “punishment was to not the us with a immagrant visa for 5 yr…” but we have filled for a k-1 what else will we need or will it get denied

Please bear in mind that applying for the incorrect/inappropriate visa for your purpose of travel will lead to serious problems, not to mention a possible perpetual bar from getting any U.S. visa (especially if you attempt to fraudulently obtain the visa). As such, please consult a U.S. immigration attorney especially if you want apply for visas that require you to stay longer or do something other than business or tourism. This includes performing in concerts or competitions as well as field reporting for

For the rest of the world, for those who don&apost fit the profile of a Visa Waiver entry (e.g. need to stay more than 90 days) the visa application fee is a non-refundable, this fee is waived under very limited circumstances. Citizens of the 37 countries within the (VWP), as well as Canadians, Bermudians (must be Bermudian/British Overseas Territories passports - UK passports are NOT the same thing), certain Caribbean islands (conditions apply) and the three Pacific freely associated countries do not require

Outside of Office Hours, contact: 01 55 5080 2000

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