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In this regard it’s worth noting that stories were not always obliged to have an end, or to keep the same ending. In Roberto Calasso shows that one of the defining characteristics a living mythology was that its many stories, always so excitingly tangled together, always had at least two endings, often “opposites”—the hero dies, he doesn’t die, the lovers marry, they don’t marry. It was only when myth became history, as it were, that we began to feel there should be just one “prop

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Pause. “Gee,” the novelist says, with tears in those terrifying blue eyes.

Do I dare, this early in the thread, mention the Big T? Good enough at putting pen to paper (we can overlook the occasional lapse into Vogon poetry) to achieve a thoroughly legendary appeal even more legendary at worldbuilding such that while millions of people pick nits (which is inevitable anyway), nobody has torn holes. Certainly you be good at both and would contend that since both are exercises in coherent imagination, having a good imagination for one means you have at least a good head start in th

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