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They share a slightly antagonistic relationship at first when they are

Both my antagonist and protagonist are orphans, but with different circumstances. They are both adolescents who try hard to be adults. They have similar primary goals, but go about accomplishing them in different ways.

He is a serious and smart individual. He attempts to defuse conflicts through words at first before dealing blows and such to his appearance -as shown when he first meets Shi-Woon attempts to convince him to go along peacefully and tell him the location of Chun-Woo before attempting to knock him unconscious.

So, if Lumithurm (like all the others mentioned, a fictional company) is trading at $35 per share but being bought $41 per share and Axe buys 2 million shares of Lumithurm when its stock is still $35, he has the potential to make $12 million. Easy, right?

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