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Current NASA projects, such as the Deep Space Gateway

Artist’s impression of the Deep Space Gateway. Credit: NASA

Artist’s impression of the Deep Space Gateway. NASAWhere do the trampolines fit in this vision?

That&aposs probably okay with Gerstenmaier. Wary of being buffeted by political winds, NASA treads lightly these days—at least, Advisory Council meetings aren&apost really promoted, and the agency isn&apost exactly shouting the plan from the rooftops, .

It is also not clear how Congress will react during the upcoming budget cycle. Congress has supported SLS and Orion in a bipartisan manner, as those programs have supported jobs in key space states, including Alabama, Florida, Colorado, Texas, and more. But as the spending focus turns to deep space habitats and transportation systems, will Congress be as keen to support large expenditures that may not favor traditional contractors? (So far it has in technologies needed for Mars exploration).

Before announcing their involvement with the Deep Space Gateway, Russia had said that they’d probably be investing in the development of their own orbital space station once the ISS mission was They’re also apparently working on a robotic lunar orbiter and lander mission.

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