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is killing it this season and is prescient, hauntingly so. Russian election interference, a Bannon-style hate demagogue, alienated and gun toting militia types, and a president out of control. It’s fabulous, even if it feels awfully close to the evening news.Copyright © 2018 Southern New Hampshire University | 2500 North River Road | Manchester, NH 03106

I recently received the TIAA Institute’s Theodore M. Hesburgh Award for Leadership Excellence in Higher Education (phew, that’s a mouthful), named for the storied president of Notre Dame, Father Ted Hesburgh. In front of a packed ballroom of some 2,000 colleagues from across higher education, I accepted the award (here’s the video) and as I’ve […]Copyright © 2018 Southern New Hampshire University | 2500 North River Road | Manchester, NH 03106

has a very robust “investment” disclaimer section with a lot of sections directly to the issue of investment advice:Otherwise, someone may attempt to sue you and claim that following your advice landed him in the hospital.

  Dr. Pat Jones works with another faculty member as part his teaching at the local university as an approved outside activity.  He and the other faculty member jointly prepare an article for publication in a scientific journal. He may use his official Government title but it be accompanied by the following , prominently placed so readers see it:

I spend a lot of time traveling for my work as a research coordinator. I’m in airports and on airplanes all the time. I board my plane, find my seat and listen to the flight attendant deliver the pre-flight safety speech. As a sexuality educator, I’d like to see us teach that sexual interactions should come with a similar safety briefing.

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