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Nice article! Reminded me on Parkinson’s Law: “The amount of time which one has to perform a task the amount of time it will take to complete the task.”

The use of social media by individuals in and outside of the workplace is widespread and continues to grow. Create a Social Media policy that protects your company.MoFo is advising SoftBank with a team led by San Francisco corporate partner Susan Mac Cormac, London M&ampA partner Gary Brown, Hong Kong based private equity partner Ellis and Tokyo corporate M&ampA partner Ken Siegel.

We have been working in Tanzania for decades, providing communities with life-changing safe water and toilets. During this time, we have engaged with decision-makers to influence policy and encourage investment.Age 37, Barabara Ya Mwinyi, Tanzania

The key for organizations will be to honestly assess whether or not current practices can keep up with global trends. If not they will need to consider what solutions are consistent with their mission vision and implement them with conviction. As these trends gain steam in 2017 employees will be looking for companies that provide the kind of workplace they want to work in, and investors will be evaluating how effective companies are compared to their expenses. The good news is, these solutions will help com

Of course, as many have noted, while technology has always removed the need for some types of jobs, it also creates new ones. Technology is a set of tools that we use in different ways to increase efficiency. The Industrial Revolution destroyed some jobs but created many more. It also increased the aggregate wealth of society and began to create a middle class who could enjoy health, education and other benefits that previously had been available only to the wealthiest. It can be challenging to predict the

Since the dawn of time, humans have developed tools and technology to assist in the pursuit of our goals. Large shifts in technology have resulted in large shifts in structures, and how individuals both contribute to society and make a living. The Industrial Revolution, for example, brought large-scale changes to our socio-economic structures and the kinds of work people did.The views expressed in this article are those of the author alone and not the World Economic Forum.

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