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The inscriptions on the outer rim are the titles

, § 2, title I, §§ 101–108, , , § 139(c), , .—Dolley Madison, George Washington, Black Revolutionary War patriots, Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial, Yellowstone National Park, National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial, and Jackie Robinson.

Pub. L. 105–14, May 14, 1997, Stat. 32, recognizing Frank Sinatra.

Uhden, Richard, “Zur Herkunft und Systematik der mittelalterlichen Weltkarten,” 37 (1931), p. 26.Mapping Time and Space, How medieval Mapmakers viewed their World

Mottos: &aposDevs indicat&apos &aposDeo Dvcente nil nocet&apos Mottos, Latin: &aposGod shows&apos &aposWith God leading, nothing harms&aposSilver and leather, English (London), 1670-71, unidentified maker&aposs mark &aposTL&apos, the initials separated by a pellet, in a rectangular punch.

have inscriptions of the year of minting or issuance, and the words “Liberty”, “In God We Trust”, “United States of America”, “1 Oz. Fine Silver”, “E Pluribus Unum”, and “One Dollar” and--Beginning January 1, 1999, the Secretary may mint and issue commemorative coins under this section during any calendar year with respect to not more than 2 commemorative coin programs.

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