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After three years, when the ostriches were full-grown, thescientists video-recorded them

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The growth of genetics and the rise of molecular biology led to the application of the to explain avian phenomena. Studies on kinship and altruism, such as , became of particular interest. The idea of was used to interpret observations on behaviour and life-history and birds were widely used models for testing hypotheses based on theories postulated by and others.Sometimes it seems that elaborate plans and statistics are made to prove what is commonplace knowledge to the mere collector, such as that hunt

Some anthropologists believe that the biomedical model is quite provincial. They do not believe that there is enough room for the interpretation of the psychological, behavioral, and social aspects of all of the illnesses. Something called a biopsychosocial model has been proposed. In this there would be more room different aspects of health care.

, and most other theropods, probably primarily processed carcasses with lateral shakes of the head, like crocodilians. The head was not as as the skulls of , due to flat joints of the neck vertebrae.As the archetypal theropod, is one of the best-known dinosaurs since the 20th century, and has been featured in film, advertising, and postal stamps, as well as many other types of media.

Two isolated fossilized have been tentatively assigned to . The first was discovered at , New Mexico, in 1983 by American geologist Charles Pillmore. Originally thought to belong to a , examination of the footprint revealed a large &aposheel&apos unknown in dinosaur tracks, and traces of what may have been a , the dewclaw-like fourth digit of the tyrannosaur foot. The footprint was published as the in 1994, by and Adrian Hunt. Lockley and Hunt suggested that it was very likely the track was made by a , which w

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