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There are lots of good reasons to put them there, though. (SEO, relationships, clarifying a point, sharing somethign fabulous, etc.)I definitely agree that links should be there for a good reason.

Thank you for saying this!!! I feel so inadequate when I look at those kinds of blogs. But I am just happy doing what works for us, so I try not to look at them anymore, because I am happier when I don’t compare! Its like looking at fashion magazines. I am happier with my body image and fashion choices when I don’t look at the standard of perfection. :DSure sounds good, keep encouraging homeschool moms!!

I also wonder if, in showing a willingness not to pursue even an excellent book to the death, a reader isn’t actually doing the writer a favor, exonerating him or her, from the near impossible task of getting out of the plot gracefully. There is a tyranny about our thrall to endings. I don’t doubt I would have a lower opinion of many of the novels I haven’t finished if I had.

All these writers it seems to me, by suggesting that beyond a certain point a book might end anywhere, legitimize the notion that the reader may choose for him or herself, without detracting anything from the experience, where to bow out (of Proust’s for example, or ). One of the strangest responses I ever had to a novel of my own—my longest not surprisingly—came from a fellow author who wrote out of the to express his appreciation. Such letters of course are a massive pep to one’s vanity and I was

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