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Free speech is enshrined in our Constitution,

A third reason that free speech is foundational to human flourishing is that it is essential to democracy and a bulwark against tyranny. How did the monstrous regimes of the 20th century gain and hold power? The answer is that groups of armed fanatics silenced their critics and adversaries. (The 1933 election that gave the Nazis a plurality was preceded by years of intimidation, murder, and violent mayhem.) And once in power, the totalitarians criminalized any criticism of the regime. This is also true of t

Congress shall make no law... abridging the of speech, or of the press....

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We have now entered a new and even more troubling phase of conservative constitutional jurisprudence. It is best characterized as “conservative activism.” Justices who readily dismiss constitutional claims by women, political dissenters, and racial, ethnic, and religious minorities, but at the same time aggressively strike down affirmative action programs, restrictions on corporate political expenditures, regulations of commercial advertising, federal civil rights laws prohibiting age discrimination and

That takes the cake it is illegal for the people, the press, and those who work in the government to be wrong. The bill is nothing more than a content-based regulation of free speech.Unlike its 1935 counterpart, the 1987 Constitution expands the coverage of the guarantee to free speech and the press with the inclusion of the word “expression.” Thus, the unbridled freedom of speech or expression has been ingrained in Philippine constitutional theory for already over a century.

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