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Hello, Apple? Many many people are having this issue. Can you respond?Correct, i&aposve deleted all the photos then re-synced via iCloud.

Yes, I have tried all the following steps like told me to last night. It did not work last night, but it is somehow working today. Thank you. I will contact you again if anything happens. I recently asked a questions saying:

The usual situation where we sometimes see requests mysteriously fail like this is when the size (in bytes) of the request sent to the server is too big, exceeding the PHP setting. This generally only comes up with big file uploads, and not with something like the Dropbox which isn’t actually “uploading.”

Hi, I have that problem and I dont know how fix it 🙁 I have try a lot of tries.. but all without success! Can you henp me please?? Thanks .pdf .doc, .docx .ppt, .pptx, .pps, .ppsx .odt .xls, .xlsx .psd

The following examples show some common errors. Note the header information in the responses is omitted.

Using the Dropbox plugin, about 900 jpg item files have been uploaded, and there are about another that still need to be uploaded. The uploads are failing with this message:

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