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The code first creates a object and

The implementation of database existence verification includes the check that at least one required object exists in the database. The existence of at least one table in MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite is verified as well. Additionally, for Oracle, the existence of sequences is verified.

We should now be able to see the change in the database. In the Server Explorer, double-click . Screenshot has been cropped for readability.

Let us first create the primary entity: StudentLet us first create the primary Student,

This is a somewhat cumbersome approach, as there is no real history of the database maintained. This can be mitigated with the use of a database project to maintain the source of the database. Then updating the model from the database is essentially the only thing needs to be done in the EDMX. This also means the developer must have extensive knowledge of SQL Server.Let’s compare our options for developing a database with each of these approaches:

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