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As of 2016, news collected by the AP was published

Times journalists have written that automatically downloads and publishes the results, which takes only a few seconds. Don’t worry about refreshing the page. Results update automatically.Most major media organizations wait until polls are before calling a winner.

(1) in any individual action under subsection (a)(2)(A) of this section, the frequency and persistence of noncompliance by the debt collector, the nature of such noncompliance, and the extent to which such noncompliance was intentional or Nothing in this subchapter shall be construed to authorize the bringing of legal actions by debt collectors.

AP counted an incident as a perimeter security breach if someone reached an airport&aposs secure area under scenarios typically including: going over or under a fence, slipping past a vehicle gate, crashing a vehicle into or through a fence or gate from outside airport property, cutting a fence or passing items through or one, or using fraudulent credentials to get inside. About three dozen incidents provided by airports and the TSA have not been included because they did not meet AP&aposs criteria. Here is a basic

Officials might report just early votes for all precincts, mistakenly marking all precincts as being reported, before Election Day votes are added. Some counties use vote centers, which are polling places where a voter from anywhere in the county can cast a ballot. It is difficult to indicate how many precincts are reporting in these situations. This is why the number of precincts reporting may go down during live results.

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