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Exhibit A: Apple and the iPhone, which sold 78

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That’s up 14% quarter-on-quarter, and up 3% year-on-year. So concerns that people were holding off buying the iPhone 8 in favour of waiting for the iPhone X seem to unfounded.

Don’t forget who helped kick off the iTunes store because unlike many other bands U2 own the right to their music. It would make sense if Apple were to use U2 to promote the release of their rumoured HD Audio content I am dubbing “iTunes Studio” &amp now with Jimmy Iovine on Apple’s board it should be enough to push a new era of digital music to the masses. PONO is just around the corner after all!

© 2018 - Recording Academy. All rights reserved. The latest Rosenblatt analysis of reveals impressive estimates, with 6 million unit sales over Black Friday weekend alone and a total of 15 million sold to date.

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