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Most of us remember the classic movie Spaceballs starring Mel Brooks, John Candy and Rick Moranis. In the scene where King Roland is being forced to divulge the password to open the dome, he slowly repeats password to Dark Helmet &amp to the Colonel, “1, 2, 3, 4 &amp 5.” After he learns the password, Dark Helmet declares, “That is the stupidest combination I have ever heard in my life. That’s the kind of thing an idiot would have on his luggage.” Built and Powered by WSI

By the way as of this writing, Redux is considered the “best” right now. I just saved you some time if chose option 2. Just one more blog post and you’re set.This is just a tiny example of the many decisions web developers have to make.

If you’ve heard of regular expressions (aka regex), you’ve already heard of string pattern matching. The idea here is that you’re not so much searching for an item, but a pattern that may be to lots of items. For example, suppose you are searching a book for all sentences that end in a question mark: that’s a job for string pattern matching. When you can guarantee that your input is approximately uniformly distributed.

Mr Wit will appoint his biggest rival to negotiate with the EU about leaving. Any proposal will be met with screaming insults from at least 48% of the UK (and howls of laughter from the rest of the EU). Mr Negotiator will get replaced every month until the shouting dies down then we will get someone who ducks all responsibility and until the next general election in 2020.

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