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Ideally, data and bio-specimens should be made widely available to the most inclusive and ethically responsible research community, but there is often resistance by institutions and individuals who fear that they will not receive recognition for their investment in building collections. Real and perceived risks of discrimination of vulnerable patients groups because of health-related data sharing also exist and must be considered in any legislation or guidelines. Collecting data and storing biological sampl

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Every bank the school’s leaders met with wants to see the school’s charter renewed with the Pennsylvania Department of Education [PDE] before they take that step. But the school does not have it. It’s been five years since the former charter school coordinator at the PDE told the school that it should only take a few weeks for their charter renewal to be completed. But they are still waiting for it. Leaders at several Pennsylvania cyber charter schools waiting on renewals said the turnaround has been

The PDE’s assessment includes ensuring the schools meet “federal and state statutory and regulatory requirements to which they are subject to and their operational, financial and academic performance,” PDE acting communications director Casey Smith wrote in an email. The renewal process includes the review of several years of data on achievement results, graduation rates and federal accountability performance, among other measures.“To just sit and wait for your renewal before you make any course cor

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