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Patron: HRH The Prince of Wales. Founded in 1953

Instrument of Abdication Credit – WikipediaQueen Elizabeth II, The Duke of Edinburgh, The Prince of Wales with The Duchess of Windsor, May 18, 1972

Difficult? Not at Willowbank. On graduation day, it’s all too easy to see who will protect our past in the future.

” The Society introduced him to Sir Terry Wogan, now a good friend, who joked: “I applauded his scintillating cameo performance at the Society’s dinner last year, when he stole the show as Jeeves.

Willowbank may be small, but it punches far above its weightclass. And besides, says director of education Nancy Oakley, “there’s something about a small group of people going through a thing together, brothers-– and sisters-in-arms by the end of it.”In the Lower Campus auditorium — really the basement of the 1914 two-room Laura Secord School that Willowbank was fortunate enough to acquire in 2012 — the big, shiny coffee percolator is being plugged in as co-valedictorians Hallie Church and Mark-

Indeed, most of the 54 “brothers and sisters” who’ve graduated since the school first welcomed students in 2006–07 have gone on to conserve and protect the most important heritage buildings in this country and a few other countries to boot. And they’ve done it with newly acquired — yet very old — skills that aren’t taught anywhere else: “The do everything by hand,” Mr. Vine explains. “It’s chisels and mallets, and while they might end up on a site using power tools, our instructors a

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