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It's a long line to draw from the summit of Mount

Note there are several free dispersed campsites along the way, plus a few pay campgrounds as well as the paid camping at the Elbert Creek campground at the trailhead. One local’s secret is that there is good, free, dispersed camping just past the Mount Elbert/Mount Massive Trailheads along the 4x4 road (which most vehicles can navigate to get to the first campsites, about 0.25 miles past the Mount Elbert Trailhead). There is a restroom at the Mount Elbert Trailhead as well as at Elbert Creek’s campgroun

Mt. Umunhum Road is steep, narrow, and winding with blind curves. Cyclists and vehicles should use caution and patience when on the mountain. Obey posted speed limits. Shift into lower gear on the descent to save your brakes. Conditions can change during different times of the year, for trail conditions and closures check the web for .Explore the told, and untold stories of Mount Umunhum in this video, created in partnership with long-time volunteer Charlie Krenz.

The factory managers winced. A scaffold, they said, costs more than your price.

Mt. Fuji can be approached from all sides, but note that transport schedules are sharply cut outside the official climbing season in July and August. For up to date information, the city of Fujiyoshida maintains a listing current routes and schedules.

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