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Creating a high performance work environment is a complex problem.

Structured written and visual communication can be a democratizing force in some However, this only happens if executives can embrace alternative process and use their creativity to raise the voices of their best people. Environments and processes structured to benefit the needs of executives will not always benefit the HPE—in fact they rarely do.By clapping more or less, you can signal to us which stories really stand out.

Just like the innovative record producer working with the musician, if management and executives can stay extremely close to the reality and spirit of their HPEs, the sky is the limit. Continuing these close relationships over long periods of time is the key to sustainable innovation. We have seen this with companies like Dow Chemical, Nike, Samuel Adams Brewing, Sun Microsystems, Google, Amazon, and Facebook, where executives remained the creative/technical visionaries for long spans.My reference to HPEs d

Bauer, T., ‘High performance workplace practices and job satisfaction: Evidence from Institute for the Study of Labour (IZA) Discussion Paper, 2004, Germany, available at: Eurofound is an agency of the European Union

If you’ve read this far, you’ve learned a lot about traditional solutions to the challenges of long, numerous or complex builds. Most of the traditional approaches are either limited in the performance boost they provide, or may result in broken builds, especially in more complex scenarios.This is similar to Make -j, in that it builds individual targets within the build in parallel on different processors.

The companies were selected for their experience in conceptualising and implementing innovative work forms. They represent typical good practice cases rather than exceptionally successful cases. Quality of Work Life Survey 2003

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