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The royal family is similarly employing a potent social media strategy,

“The creative sector likes to portray itself as tolerant, meritocratic and diverse,” says Prof Kate Oakley, one of the report’s authors. “But this image is starkly at odds with the facts. The types of people who make so much of the culture in this country bear little resemblance to the people who consume 20 years since Tony Blair reshaped Britain’s economy around the arts, yet the project’s legacy is an exploitative sector dominated by people from an astonishingly small demographic pool

The findings reviewed above revealed a surprising degree of conservation between the molecular pathways regulating behaviour in solitary insects and social behaviour in social insects. But how are these pathways re-organized to produce social versus solitary behaviour? Social behaviour is elicited in response to stimuli from other individuals, and thus these conserved ground plan pathways must be in some way connected to the detection of social signals. We suggest that these ancient molecular pathways are e

The Egyptian experience is hardly unique. Palestinian mosques have experienced heavy-handed management, but only on specific occasions. One Palestinian imam in Nablus interviewed in 2015 reported that under the rule of both Israel and the Palestinian Authority he was fairly free in what he could say, as long as he avoided obvious political subjects. The same was true when Hamas formed the Palestinian government in 2006. Only the government of former prime minister Salam Fayyad, who served from 2007 to 2013,

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