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Americans seem especially baffled by these basins. Even seasoned travelers are unsure of their purpose: One globe-trotter asked me, “Why do the bathrooms in this hotel have both toilets and urinals?” And even if they understand the bidet’s function, Americans often fail to see its appeal. Attempts to popularize the bidet in the United States have failed before, but recent efforts continue—and perhaps they might even succeed in bringing this Old World device to new backsides.

From 1970 through 2015, a total of 10 cases of yellow fever were reported in unvaccinated travelers from the United States and Europe who traveled to West Africa (5 cases) or South America (5 cases). Eight (80%) of these 10 travelers died. There has been only 1 documented case of yellow fever in a vaccinated traveler. This nonfatal case occurred in a traveler from Spain who visited several West African countries in 1988. In early 2016, &ampgt15 long-term travelers from Africa and Asia developed yellow fever dise

Campbeltown, the small coastal town at the tip of the Kintyre peninsula, once boasted over 30 local distilleries but now has just three. Nevertheless, they are still considered by malt lovers to represent a distinct region in their own right.

named one of the top 10 neighborhoods to visit in the U.S. “Even as The Mile High City expands, RiNo still clings to its punk-rock roots. You’ll find it in the street murals that seem to pop up overnight, in the experimental galleries that play open house on Friday nights, and in the innovative food halls and rockabilly microbrews that play host to the city’s young, bold and tattooed. [RiNo] is playing center stage for the resurgent arts and cultural scenes that have transfor

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