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No idea you have today will turn out

Once you&amp#39re satisfied with the mockup, create a full-working model of your idea. There are many books and kits that can help you create prototypes. If your invention is something that will cost a lot of money or is unreasonable to prototype (like an oil refinery process or a new pharmaceutical drug), consider using a computer-animated virtual prototype.

I’m a historian. I look at social change and see two things — it takes a long time and yet it often happens quickly and unexpectedly. You don’t always know when an idea can happen and so you have to be ready.The dispersal and democratization of information today actually makes it harder to move ideas forward...

The narcissist knows you are empathetic, and they know revealing personal information to you will probably make you feel like you&aposre bonding with them. In reality, they&aposre usually just trying to create the of closeness, and they will ultimately use it against you.

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