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In his statement of probable cause, Bonnett

It is important that police have , which is the basis that police must have in order to make an arrest, perform a search of a person or property, or obtain a warrant, when they seek to find evidence connecting a suspect to a crime. Without such a standard, the police could be allowed to make unrestricted searches and seizures, invading your privacy as you attempt to go about your business. Consequently, probable cause provides a protection, which states you have a right to privacy and to be free of arbitra

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The bankruptcy court denied both claims, ruling that the bank could not be held liable on the tort claim as a matter of Illinois law under Moorman Manufacturing Co. v. National Tank Co., 91 Ill.2d 69, 88-89, 61 Ill.Dec. 746, 435 N.E.2d 443 (1982), because it was not a “supplier of information.” The district court reversed that holding, but because we do not need to reach that issue, we will leave the interpretation of state law for Illinois courts to resolve. The bankruptcy and district courts agreed, h

While it cannot be said that Popper was a modest man, he took criticism of his theories very seriously, and spent much of his time in his later years trying to show that such criticisms were either based upon misunderstandings, or that his theories could, without loss of integrity, be made compatible with new and important insights. The following is a summary of some of the main criticisms which he has had to address. (For Popper’s responses to critical commentary, see ‘Replies to My Critics&amprsq

This study reports epidemiological data for NOAI during an 11‐year period in a population more than 500,000 insured dogs. The uniqueness of the study lies in it being based on a large population of insured dogs. Overall and breed‐specific incidence rates are presented. Sex variation was only shown in some breeds, and a higher mortality rate was identified in dogs with AI compared with other dogs. The results from this study support the existence of breed‐specific differences in the b

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